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Take Heart Tip September 2, 2012
 Can Relationships Survive Lying?
 Lying breeds mistrust. Once you lie, there is always a chance in the eyes of the one you are in relationship with that you will lie again. And so mistrust breeds. This is true for married partners, other significant others, and even friendships. Can one repair? I always say full disclosure is the best way to regain a lover's, family 
member, or friend's trust. Disclosure and coming clean can be a healing balm, saving some of our most valuable resources in life: those we are in close interpersonal relationship. So if you lied, fess up. Chances are the one you lied to has a good gut feeling that you have. If someone you care about lies, call them out. Give them a safe out to come clean. In this, relationships and the quality of them can be saved.
Kimberlie Zakarian, LMFT
Take Heart Tip 8.31.12
 Healthy Connection: Reciprocity
 We are created to be in relationship. Reciprocating relationships. Attachment is one of life's most powerful emotions and connectors. It is why I never demand a patient break up when in a bad relationship. Some people just can't let go until they arrive at a certain point, have a good support system, and deal with their own attachment issues. What
can we do if we or someone we love finds themselves in such a place? If it's you....reach for new and meaningful relationships, support, and activities that define who you are. If it is someone you know, surround them. Allow them to attach to you in a healthy manner. Hold their hand emotionally until they can let go of the unhealthy hand they are clinging to. In this, lives can be changed for the better. It is called healthy connection - reciprocity.
Kimberlie Zakarian, LMFT
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